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## go thru, delete all texts with English - to non-English ratio lower than X
import os
import re
import codecs
from collections import defaultdict
import shutil
import string
import numpy
print string.punctuation
print "start"
###this finds spanish-only posts and removes them
#reading English dictionary from CELEX
#the formatting of is: 8\abacus\8\1\B\8\0\ab-a-cus
#opening the celexfile
celexinput=open("/Users/ps22344/Downloads/", "r")
#i guess we just throw it all into a list called lexicon
for line in celexinput:
# we add some common English words not in Celex
lexicon=lexicon+["i'm", "etc"]
print "length of lexicon", len(lexicon)
## go into each ad, extract random string of words, compare to spell checker
#setting up some functions
def tagextractor(text, tag, fili):
result=re.findall(regexstring, text, re.DOTALL)
if len(result) != 1:
print "alarm in tagextractor", fili, result
return result[0]
def adtextextractor(text, fili):
result=re.findall(regexstring, text, re.DOTALL)
if len(result) != 1:
print "alarm in adtextextractor", fili, result
return result[0]
#read in the files
#set up top dir
#read in subdir, make file list
subdirs=[s for s in os.listdir(directory) if not s.startswith(".")]
#print subdirs
#set up list of short texts where our magic won't work
for sub in subdirs:
print sub
filis=[f for f in os.listdir(directory+"/"+sub) if not f.startswith(".")]
## we iterate over the list of files
for fili in filis:
#yes we should read the file in first
#this is just to show we can do it that way too with the joini thing
text1=adtextextractor(, sub, fili), "r", "utf-8").read(), fili)
text2=re.sub("<.*/?>", " ", text1)
#the final product needs to be called text so the script below does not screw up
#how long a text do we need? 10 should be good
if length < 10:
#print "alarm, this text is so very short", len(text), fili
shortlist.append(os.path.join(directory, sub, fili))
snippet1=text[int(length/10): int(length/10) + 10]
#check out our text cleaning tool. we can use this later
#first we delete tags, tags need be deleted earlier or they screw up splitting
#snippet2=[re.sub("<.*/?>", "", s) for s in snippet]
#snippet2=[s.translate(None, string.punctuation).lower() for s in snippet]
snippet=[s.strip(string.punctuation).lower() for s in snippet1]
#print snippet3, fili
ratio= len([s for s in snippet if s in lexicon])
if ratio < 4 :
os.remove(os.path.join(directory, sub, fili))
print "deleted: ", os.path.join(directory, sub, fili)
except OSError, err:
print os.path.join(directory, sub, fili), "is protected", err
print "length of shortlist", len(shortlist)
print "shortlist"
for shortie in shortlist:
print shortie
print "finish"
print ('\a')
os.system('say "your program has finished"')