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Using the plotmachine

The plotmachine computes F1 and F2 means for any number of predictors and then plots those using ggplot.

Download it here. Save as a text file and run it in R.

The plotmachine takes the following input:

plotmachine=function(dataset, vowel, F1, F2, ..., plot_title=" ") 

dataset --- the dataset you're working with. Needs to be created first, e.g. by reading in a spreadsheet with read.csv().
vowel --- the name of the column within this dataset that contains the vowel labels.
F1 --- the name of the column within this dataset that contains the F1 measurements.
F2 --- the name of the column within this dataset that contains the F2 measurements.
... --- any number of independent variables that you want to plot .
title --- the title of your plot, also part of the name of the file your plot will be saved as. Defaults to " ".

For one independent variable, it prints out the means by category, outputs and saves a plot as a png file. For several independent variables, it prints out means and creates plots for all combinations of variables. It returns the dataframe of means.

Thus, for a dataset called texasenglish, this plots the formants by gender for all vowels that are in a column called VOWEL.

plotmachine(texasenglish, VOWEL, F1NORMALIZED, F2NORMALIZED, GENDER, plot_title="Gender differences in Texas English")

It uses the data found in F1NORMALIZED and F2NORMALIZED. Note that none of the input besides the plot_title should be in quotation marks. Note that you can feed it as many independent variables as you like. This example will calculate means by gender, ethnicity and agegroup:

plotmachine(texasenglish, VOWEL, F1NORMALIZED, F2NORMALIZED, GENDER, ETHNICITY, AGEGROUP, plot_title="Random vowel chart")

It will create these plots: gender x ethnicity, gender x age group, ethnicity x agegroup.

Note that you need to have the packages vowels, ggplot2 and lme4 installed for this to work.

To do: return dataframe, check for libraries

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