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Factor calculation library using unified distribution of deaths methodology.
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UDDFactor Release 2.0.0 (January 11th 2010)

Homepage: Author: Patrick Robertson Copyright: 2009-2010 License: MIT License


UDDFactor is a ruby plugin designed to calculate factors using the PPA mandated UDD factor calculation method.

Currently, it only supports PPA2009-PPA2013 mortalities. Feel free to add new ones!


in the main directory of your rails app type: script/plugin add git://


This creates a 50% Joint and Survivor Annuity using the PPA2010 mortality table with three segment rates, and no certain/deferred periords and rounding to 6 decimal places.

joint_survivor_factor =
joint_survivor_factor.secondary_age = 61.0
joint_survivor_factor.joint_survivor_type = 1.0
joint_survivor_factor.joint_survivor_percent = 50.0
joint_survivor_factor.primary_mortality = MortalityTable::PPA2010
joint_survivor_factor.interest_segment_a = 5.44
joint_survivor_factor.interest_segment_b = 5.24
joint_survivor_factor.interest_segment_c = 5.69
joint_survivor_factor.rounding = 6.0

This creates a SLA factor with a 5 year certain period and 8 digit rounding. This uses 5.44% for all three interest segments. sla_factor.primary_mortality = MortalityTable::PPA2013 sla_factor.interest_segment_a = .0544 sla_factor.interest_segment_b = nil sla_factor.interest_segment_c = nil sla_factor.certain_period = 5.0 sla_factor.rounding = 8.0 sla_factor.generate_factor


UDDFactor © 2009 by Patrick Robertson. Licensed under the MIT license. Please see the {file:LICENSE} for more information.

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