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Push changes from Rails models to client-side Backbone.js collections with WebSockets.
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Use this in a Rails 3.1 app. Right now the only supported pubsub messaging system is Faye


This assumes you already have a Backbone.js + Rails app.

  1. Run a Faye server.

  2. Tell your app where the faye server is. This may differ per Rails.env.

For now, let's say we add `config/initializers/backbone_sync_rails_faye.rb` with:

“`ruby BackboneSync::Rails::Faye.root_address = 'localhost:9292' “`

  1. Pull in the javascripts:

“`javascript //= require extensions/backbone.collection.idempotent //= require backbone_sync-rails/rails_faye_subscriber


(Until I rewrite it, one of 'em uses coffeescript, so you'll need that.)

  1. Open a connection to Faye from your clients, somewhere on your page (in the layout?):

“`eruby <script type=“text/javascript” src=“<%= BackboneSync::Rails::Faye.root_address %>/faye.js”></script> “`

  1. Observe model changes in Rails, and broadcast them. We provide the guts of

an observer for you, so add a file like `app/models/user_observer.rb`:

“`ruby class UserObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer

include BackboneSync::Rails::Faye::Observer

end “`

and enable it in `config/application.rb` like any good observer:

“`ruby module MyApp

class Application < Rails::Application
  # snip...

  # Activate observers that should always be running.
  config.active_record.observers = :user_observer

  # snip...

end “`

  1. Instantiate a new `BackboneSync.RailsFayeSynchronizer` for *each instance*

of a Backbone collection you instantiate. You could do this in the collection's constructor, or do it by hand:

Check it out! Open two browsers, do some stuff in one, and see your changes cascade to the other. It also assumes that your Backbone views will need to observe events on the collection like `change`, `add`, and `remove`.

Installing on Rails < 3.1

If you're on a version of Rails < 3.1, you'll probably have to copy some files into your app by hand, like the `vendor/assets` files. You'll probably have to require the `lib/backbone_sync-rails/faye.rb` file yourself, too.


Copyright © 2011 Jason Morrison. See MIT-LICENSE for details.

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