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2012-02-03 Mike Burns <>
* Gemfile, clearance.gemspec, 3.1.0.gemfile, 3.0.9.gemfile:
Upgrade cucumber-rails, which requires use of the #steps method.
Bump to 0.15.0
2012-02-02 Gabe Berke-Williams <>
* user.rb:
Remove InstanceMethods module. It's deprecated in 3.2 and unnecessary in all
2012-01-16 Matthew Daubert <>
* clearance_steps.rb:
`When` is deprecated in step definitions, changed to `step`.
2011-12-01 Dan Hodge <>
* Rakefile, passwords_controller.rb, users_controller.rb, authentication.rb,
configuration.rb, configuration_spec.rb, passwords_controller_spec.rb,
Optional config param 'user_model_name' added
Defer user_model load so it can be a constant
Find user via the configured user model class
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