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Current supported Bootstrap version: 3.2.0

Bootstrapper is a set of classes that allow you to quickly create Twitter Bootstrap 3 style markup.


Add the following to your composer.json file :

"require": {
    "patricktalmadge/bootstrapper": "~5",

or execute

composer require patricktalmadge/bootstrapper

Then register Bootstrapper's service provider with Laravel:


If you are using Laravel 5, then you should instead use the Laravel 5 service provider.


You can then (if you want to) add the following aliases to your aliases array in your config/app.php file.

'Accordion' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Accordion',
'Alert' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Alert',
'Badge' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Badge',
'Breadcrumb' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Breadcrumb',
'Button' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Button',
'ButtonGroup' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\ButtonGroup',
'Carousel' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Carousel',
'ControlGroup' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\ControlGroup',
'DropdownButton' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\DropdownButton',
'Form' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Form',
'Helpers' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Helpers',
'Icon' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Icon',
'InputGroup' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\InputGroup',
'Image' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Image',
'Label' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Label',
'MediaObject' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\MediaObject',
'Modal' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Modal',
'Navbar' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Navbar',
'Navigation' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Navigation',
'Panel' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Panel',
'ProgressBar' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\ProgressBar',
'Tabbable' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Tabbable',
'Table' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Table',
'Thumbnail' => 'Bootstrapper\Facades\Thumbnail',

Including Bootstrap

Include the Bootstrap files just like any other css and js files! Download Bootstrap and JQuery from the Bootstrap site, place them in your public folder and then include them like so:

{{ HTML::style('path/to/bootstrap.css') }}
{{ HTML::script('path/to/jquery.js') }}
{{ HTML::script('path/to/bootstrap.js') }}

Feel free to use a CDN, but bear in mind that you may get unexpected functionality if the version you use isn't the version Bootstrapper currently supports (but open an issue to let us know!).

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src=""></script>
<script src="//"></script>

If you want to get the latest Bootstrap that Bootstrapper supports, then use the helper function:


If you want to stick at a certain version then use

artisan config:publish patricktalmadge/bootstrapper

And update your config file in app/config/packages.

We also have Twitter Bootstrap as a dependency, so you can grab the files from your vendor directory.



Contributing is easy! Just fork the repo, make your changes then send a pull request on GitHub. If your PR is languishing in the queue and nothing seems to be happening, then send Patrick an email or a tweet.