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A collection of Keyboard Maestro macros. You can click on the headings to get to the corresponding articles on RocketINK.


I doubt they are interesting for anyone, but maybe it's shorter for you to copy and paste in your own bookmarklets than starting from scratch.

The point of have palettes for bookmarklets is to:

  • use less extensions and save ressources
  • have custom shortcuts to all bookmarklets

Brett Terpstra Services Wrappers

For more information about the Markdown Service Tools visit the project site[^fn1] and to get all the details on how the SearchLink Generator works visit my older post.

If you enjoy Brett's tools then you might consider a donation.


This folder contains my remapped shortcuts and an editor palette to open nvALT notes in the text editor of you choice.

As a little extra there's also the Byword theme (drop it in ) for the Markdown preview in nvALT and my color scheme which can be imported into Apple's color picker.

OmniFocus Macros

Perspectives Palette


A palette that can be triggered via a global hotkey and displays your favorite OmniFocus perspectives.

If OmniFocus isn't running it will be openend with the selected perspective.

Customize the macro by using the names of your own OmniFocus perspectives and hotkeys that work for you.

Scripts Palette

This is a collection of all the scripts I use with Keyboard Maestro and OmniFocus. The people who made these scripts are collected in a reference list in this blog post.


For editing text in your favorite editor. Read more.

Finder And Path Finder

This is my setup for transfering some of Path Finder functions into Finder. In addition there are some Path Finder only goodies.

Screen Shots

A palette for making different sort of screen shots. The article explains everthing in detail.

Sync Keyboard Maestro

A tutorial on how-to automatically sync Keyboard Maestro macros with the help of Hazel and Dropbox.

System » Caffeinate

A simple replacement for Caffeine with Keyboard Maestro.

System » Toggle Function Keys

A macro to toggle between the F1, F2, etc. keys standard functions and the special functions.

Ultimate Markdown Maestro

The content of this folder can function as a template for organizing your Keyboard Maestro library – especially when it comes to Markdown.

To give you a ruff idea what it's about you can watch this video I made or simply read the article.