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Search Evernote (Chinese Edition).alfredworkflow

Search Evernote - Alfred 2 workflow

This workflow uses Evernote's API ( to perform note search, which provides more relevant results, compare with the Desktop App. The workflow also supports all advanced search grammar that you can find here (

Show Case

Search notes by words.


Search notes by tags.


Advanced Search Grammar (Show me notes that contains word article and are created within the last 3 days and are tagged with must-read) Checkout the complete search grammar here:


Get Started

  1. Download and Install the workflow.
  2. Run the es-token in Alfred app to setup your token.(run es-token YOURTOKEN in alfred)
  3. Start searching with the es command (stands for Evernote Search)
  4. Play with the other built-in search shortcuts like es-recent and es-todos

Customized Search Shortcut

Create your own search shortcut is simple. Open the Evernote Search workflow config in Alfred's settings:

  1. Copy/Paste a new trigger from the template es-search-shortcut-template
  2. Open the new trigger and follow the instructions in Script
  3. Done!