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Simple wiki using a git repository (pure PHP5)
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eWiki - A simple, git-based Wiki


eWiki ("English Wiki") is a small Wiki written in PHP. Instead of using a database to store changes it uses Git. This allows you to run all those fancy SCM operations like bisect, blame and rebase on your Wiki, as well as editing it offline.


  • PHP > 5.0
  • A server with mod_rewrite or another URL-rewriting mechanism
  • A database with a PDO driver if you want user authentication

Installing eWiki

Installing dependencies

eWiki uses glip to access git repositories. You should copy or symlink the lib folder of glip to include/glip.

Setting up a bare git repository

This only sets up a bare repository that will be used by eWiki. You still need another repository and at least one commit. Create an empty directory, cd into it and type the following command on your workstation or directly on the server, if you have shell access and git is installed:

git init --bare
git fetch /path/to/wiki/repository/ master:master

If you created the repository on your workstation, upload the resulting directory structure to a path on your webserver.

Configuring eWiki

Simply edit the file include/config.class.php according to the instructions given in the file.

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