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Icinga2 exchange plugin for monitoring systemd services.
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version !#/bin/bash Open Source Love

Icinga2 exchange plugin for monitoring systemd services.

This plugin checks status of systemd service and also can restart service if is not running. Returns exit codes based on nagios plugin api standard.


# installing dependencies
sudo apt update
sudo apt install git

# clone repository

# run check_systemd_service program with help and learn how to use
check_systemd_service --help


Argument Description Required
[service] Name of systemd service for check yes
--restart Restart service if is not running, root privileges needed [added in v1.1.0] optional
-V --version Show program version optional
-h --help Show program help and usage optional


# check if mysql is running
check_systemd_service mysql

# check if cron is running, if doesn't restart service
check_systemd_service cron --restart

# check if apache2 webserver is running
check_systemd_service apache2

# show program help
check_systemd_service cron --help

# show program version
check_systemd_service cron --version
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