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Skeleton Key IDM

These modules are a set of custom security protocols with the following goals:

  • Simple token formats
  • Java EE compatibility
  • Reduce IDM handshaking
  • Leverage PKI wherever possible
  • Tight JBoss AS7 Integration
  • Standalone JAX-RS-only integration
  • OAuth2 login
  • OAuth2 bearer tokens

It will include a sample IDM server with Infinispan as its persistence store. The IDM will be a RESTful interface that is designed to be an anybody-can-use cloud service.

IDM Server Design Notes

  • Realms are a collection of users, resources, roles, role, and scope mappings.
  • Scope is an OAuth2 concept. A user can ask another user for permission to act on behalf of them. Scope mappings define which roles a user is allowed to ask permission for.
  • A Realms can have user-role mappings
  • A realm can have scope mappings
  • A resource represents a specific web site or web service. It is not required
  • A resource can have specific roles and user-role mappings
  • A resource can have specific scope mappings
  • User names must be unique within a Realm
  • Resource names must be unique per Realm
  • Authentication is a combination of form parameters and/or client-cert verification.
  • realms define a set of required credentials.

Realm Creation

  1. No authentication required to create a realm
  2. A domain is disabled for use until a user with admin priviledges enables it.
  3. A domain must have a least one admin user assigned to it

User Creation

  1. Usernames must be unique within a domain
  2. Realms define a set of required credentials. users will not be enabled until they have set up all of their required credentials

Resource Creation

  1. Resource names are unique within a domain
  2. A Resource represents a website or service and has a Base URL associated with it.
  3. A resource defines a set of roles it provides
  4. Resources cannot belong to multiple domains