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***COMPETITION TIME*** byrd is a free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website
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    All process.ENV variables are stored in ~/app/.env file, and are loaded once, on application start-up, with help of dotenv module. Module should be executed before any other action is being made, unless process.ENV variables aren't required for the task.

    • PORT=[number]

      • port on which process will be executed.
    • JWT_SECRET=[string]

      • secret used for signing and authorization of JWT Tokens.
    • MONGO_URI=[string URI]

      • mongoDB URI, with path to the database.
    • TEST:

      All enviromental variables for tests, should be set in ~/app/test/.env. Same structure applies for test.

  • NPM Commands:

    • npm run dev
      • starts node process with a watchdog and babel.
    • npm run build
      • builds ES6 to ES5. Outouts to ~/app/dist
    • npm run start
      • builds and starts compiled app.
    • npm run test
      • runs mocha test, on ES6 app version.
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