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A mocking library for requests for Python 2.7 and 3.4+.


pip install httmock

Or, if you are a Gentoo user:

emerge dev-python/httmock


You can use it to mock third-party APIs and test libraries that use requests internally, conditionally using mocked replies with the urlmatch decorator:

from httmock import urlmatch, HTTMock
import requests

def google_mock(url, request):
    return 'Feeling lucky, punk?'

with HTTMock(google_mock):
    r = requests.get('')
print r.content  # 'Feeling lucky, punk?'

The all_requests decorator doesn't conditionally block real requests. If you return a dictionary, it will map to the requests.Response object returned:

from httmock import all_requests, HTTMock
import requests

def response_content(url, request):
	return {'status_code': 200,
	        'content': 'Oh hai'}

with HTTMock(response_content):
	r = requests.get('https://foo_bar')

print r.status_code
print r.content

If you pass in Set-Cookie headers, requests.Response.cookies will contain the values. You can also use response method directly instead of returning a dict:

from httmock import all_requests, response, HTTMock
import requests

def response_content(url, request):
	headers = {'content-type': 'application/json',
	           'Set-Cookie': 'foo=bar;'}
	content = {'message': 'API rate limit exceeded'}
	return response(403, content, headers, None, 5, request)

with HTTMock(response_content):
	r = requests.get('')

print r.json().get('message')
print r.cookies['foo']