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A symbol outline for Visual Studio Code
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Code Outline tree provider for Visual Studio Code

⚠️ DEPRECATED. Please use the Outline view that comes with Visual Studio Code.


Displays a code outline tree in the explorer pane.

To activate find and expand the "Code Outline" section near the bottom of the Explorer tab.

Language Support

For the outline to work, the language support plugins need to support symbol information.

For the outline to form a tree structure, the language support plugins need to report the entire definition range as part of symbol.

See VS Code issue #34968 and language server protocol issue #132 for a discussion.

Here is a list of languages known to work with Code Outline:

Language/Format Extension
C C/C++
C++ C/C++, cquery
Docker Docker
HTML Comes with VS Code
Go Go
Java Language Support for Java(TM) by Red Hat
JavaScript Comes with VS Code
JSON Comes with VS Code
Markdown Comes with VS Code
Perl Perl
PHP PHP Symbols
Powershell PowerShell
Python Python
Rust Rust (rls)
TypeScript Comes with VS Code
YAML YAML Support by Red Hat

Please report any missing extensions and I'll update the list.

Extension Settings

Default settings:

  "symbolOutline.doSort": false,
  "symbolOutline.sortOrder": [
  "symbolOutline.expandNodes": [
  "symbolOutline.topLevel": [
  • doSort: sort the outline.
  • expandNodes: kinds of nodes to be expanded automatically.
  • sortOrder: order to the sort symbols.
  • topLevel: wich symbols include at the topmost scope.

Known Issues

Depending on other extensions you have installed the symbol list may initially return an empty list. Use the "Refresh" button next to the title to fix this.