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<tt>Those who are both New York area Perl programmers and in the know, religiously read and post to the very finest fountain of information, the mailing list.</tt>
            <blockquote><tt>To subscribe to the list send mail to with "subscribe ny" in the body of the message.</tt></blockquote>

            <blockquote><tt>To post to this list send mail to</tt></blockquote>
<h3>As of Monday the 27th of February, 2006, the mailing list was having some problems. These have now been solved. Thanks for your patience.</h3>

<blockquote><h4><em>Note:</em> is a list devoted to the activities of It is not generally a technical list. It is
<em>definitely</em> not a help desk or a job forum.</h4></blockquote>

<tt>For those New York area Perl progammers in the know and looking
for work (or employees), we used to have a New York Perl
Jobs Mailing List.</tt>

<blockquote>Times, however have changed. The list came to be rarely
used and has been deactivated. A big reason for this was the creation
of <a href=""></a>, which
serves as a more general jobs resource and is where you should now
look for the things the nyc-perl-jobs list used to do.</blockquote>

<!-- <blockquote><tt>To post to this list send mail to</tt></blockquote>

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<a><tt><font size=-2>mail to the webmeister</font></tt></a>
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<a href=><tt><b>back to the front</b></tt></a>
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<a href=><font size=-2><tt><font size=-2>powered by Evo::Script</font></tt></a>
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