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v0.7.0: The Big Push

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@dmolsen dmolsen released this 27 Jan 04:00
· 415 commits to master since this release
  • ADD: auto-reload server can be started directly from the watcher
  • ADD: pattern parameter support
  • ADD: styleModifier support
  • ADD: pseudo-pattern support
  • ADD: RAM usage now outputted when generating the site
  • ADD: an easter egg
  • ADD: configuration flag for cleanPublic
  • ADD: dedicated pattern header and footer files
  • ADD: QR code generator to make mobile testing easier
  • ADD: reverse lineages to see where a pattern is used
  • ADD: if _data.json contains a reserved keyword an error is thrown
  • ADD: closer to being PSR-0 and PSR-1 compatible
  • ADD: migrator class to handle file moves/updates between versions
  • ADD: configurer class to handle managing the configuration file
  • FIX: ran JS hint against project JavaScript
  • FIX: attempted to add better cache busting
  • FIX: reorganized the project for better upgradeability by moving lots to core/
  • FIX: malformed JSON throws error and gives file name
  • FIX: code view styles
  • FIX: annotation styles and functionality are now more robust
  • FIX: mobile styles are more robust including scrolling on iOS7
  • FIX: drop down interaction
  • FIX: refactored how patterns and view all pages are gathered and generated
  • FIX: lineage list now hidden if pattern doesn't have a lineage
  • FIX: listitems.json and data.json default attributes match
  • FIX: an existing config.ini file is automatically updated with new version
  • FIX: pull bar now works in Firefox
  • FIX: history now works in Firefox
  • FIX: renamed the websocket servers
  • THX: thanks to @faustgertz for some fixes with the new watcher class
  • THX: thanks to @coding-stuff for the original idea and original code for pattern parameters
  • THX: thanks to @mattwellss for inspiring the PSR compliant changes as well as changes to the configuration