The static assets for the default StyleguideKit for Pattern Lab. Contains styles and mark-up for Pattern Lab's front-end.
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Static Assets for the Default StyleguideKit

These static assets are meant to be used with the default Mustache and Twig StyleguideKits. They control the look, feel, and functionality of the front-end of Pattern Lab PHP.


Pattern Lab PHP uses Composer to manage project dependencies. To install the default static assets run:

composer require pattern-lab/styleguidekit-assets-default

Development Requirements

In order to modify these assets you need to install the following:

Development Set-up

Once you've installed the requirements do the following to set-up for development:

  1. cd /path/to/dev-edition/packages/pattern-lab/styleguidekit-assets-default
  2. git config origin
  3. npm install
  4. bower install

Making Changes

To make changes always edit files in src/. To make sure that these changes are reflected in the front-end and dist/ folder run the following:

gulp --copy-dist=../../../public

To watch for changes you can use:

gulp --watch --copy-dist=../../../public

At this point changes to the static assets should compile to the correct locations in the project as well as dist/.