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Verdant Refuge

This is my personal website (Jeff Pickelman)


It is built using hyde (Version 0.8.5a14), a Python static website generator inspired by it's Ruby brother jekyll.

Note that this current version of hyde was the result of a major refactor/restructuring of the original codebase located here: old hyde. As such, much of the "hyde" documentation available refers to the previous iteration and isn't particularly helpful in getting things working perfectly, but is still useful in getting a handle on what hyde is all about and how it has been used before.


This section contains a list of the current plugins I am using for this site, and a description of what they are used for.

  • MetaPlugin - This allow metadata to be easily included about any files. All the meta.yaml files in the directory tree of a given file are evaluated, then the YAML front matter of the file is evaluated. The inheritance allows you to keep DRY while still being as descriptive as needed.
  • AutoExtendPlugin - This plugin wires up the extends and default_block keys in the YAML front matter, allowing for easy template inheritance.

  • UrlCleanerPlugin - Allows for tighter control of the URLs of the site. You can choose which extensions to hide and whether to append a trailing slash, and whether to drop "index.html" from the end of urls containing it.

  • TaggerPlugin - This wires up the tags key in the front matter. It takes a list of tags to be associated with the file.

  • SorterPlugin - This allows you to define sorted sets of content which obey certain requirements. The most common example - and the only list I have defines thus far - is a listing of blog posts, sorted in reverse creation order, omitting all non-listable posts. For each sorted set, you have access to walk_resources_sorted_by_[name], prev_by_[name], and next_by_[name].

  • TextlinksPlugin - This simply gives you a more concise way to link to both content urls, and media urls.

  • ImageSizerPlugin - This adds the height and width attributes to <img>s which don't already have them. This is good practice for page rendering reasons. Also could come in handy if I ever decide to implement delayed-loading of images (so the placeholders would have correct dimensions).

Typical Development Usage

Have two terminal windows open. In the first, cd to project directory and workon vr. In the second, do the same, and then compass watch. Whenever the site needs to be rebuilt and tested locally, run fab serve, which will host the site at http://loalhost:8080/.

Publishing to Amazon S3

In the Verdant Refuge virtualenv folder, I appended the following to the bin/activate script which is run whenever the environment is activated:



This exports the necessary bash environment variables so that the boto library can authenticate with S3. This is detailed on the linked boto Github project page.


  • Need a apple-touch-icon.png in the base directory.

  • Make sure overflow scroller looks good and functions in code blocks (antiscroll).

  • Create a Fabric function for creating new posts.

  • Consider changing the deployment process to deploy the HEAD as opposed to the current local filesystem.

Known Bugs

  • jQuery.timeago (9/27/2012): The jquery.timeago.js plugin doesn't seem to be working correctly on iOS devices - on an iPhone it displays "NAN Years Ago" instead of the actual timeago.


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