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Release Notes

This is a major release of Angular-Patternfly! For detailed information on how to upgrade your application, please see the Angular-Patternfly 4.0 Migration Guide

Directive to Component Re-factor

In Angular-PatternFly 4 the Angular 1.x directives were refactored to Angular 1.5+ components. The naming convention has remaing the same, but all attribute directives will need to be changed to component/element tags, as in:

<div pf-about-modal ...></div>

would become:

<pf-about-modal ...></pf-about-modal>

This refactoring was done in order to facilitate those applications which may want to use Angular's upgrade module which allows an application to run AngularJS (v1.x) and Angular v2.x code within the same code base.

Noteworthy changes

  • Angular-PatternFly v4.0.0 has updated the following dependencies:
    • angular-ui-bootstrap to v2.3.x
    • lodash to v4.x
  • Angular-PatternFly v4.0.0 is now using LESS css preprocessing
  • The angular patternfly code has been adjusted to use the non-JQuery patternfly settings. To keep this jQuery independence, include only patternfly-settings.js rather than patternfly.js


The following components have been added to Angular-Patternfly v4.0.0

  • pfTableView - basic table with checkbox selection of rows, select all, pagination, row actions, etc...
  • pfCanvasEditor - drag and drop items from a toolbox onto the canvas
  • pfDonutChart - shows relationship of a set of values to a whole
  • pfEmptyState - configurable empty state for List, Card, and Table views