This repo contains the design documentation for the PatternFly project that is published on
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panlu870 and mcarrano Filter bar component update (#718)
* Filter bar component update

Modification of inconsistent Filter bar component throughout PF documentation, based on the issue#576 in Github.

* Changes to the expandable rows view
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Welcome to patternfly-design!

The "patternfly-design" repo houses the design documentation for the PatternFly project. Accepted content will be merged into the "patternfly-design" repo, so that they can appear on the, website.

This open format enables contributors to easily access and contribute design documentation and assets. It also has the benefit of dramatically reducing overhead for posting to, as the site can automatically consume the markdown files submitted by designers.

A listing of design patterns and their status and status are available at:

Interested in contributing to PatternFly?

To learn more about how you can contribute to PatternFly visit our Contribution page.