Contribution Workflow

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(do this whenever want to add or edit something)

Get up to date

  1. Make sure that your local repository is selected, and click Pull

    Pulling in SourceTree

  2. A modal will pop up. Where is says, Pull from repository, select upstream from the drop down menu. Where it says Remote branch to pull: select master from the drop down menu. Check the box that says Rebase instead of merge

    Pulling in SourceTree

Create or update the pattern

We recommend using Atom to edit .md files. You can reference the GitHub Markdown files for help formatting.

  1. Use Finder to open up your patternfly-design folder
  2. Locate the folder for the pattern you hope to edit under pattern-library
    • If the folder does not exist, copy the pattern-template folder, paste it in the relevant location, and rename it
  3. Add and edit the relevant files and images. Feel free to discard example and placeholder content from the pattern-template folder.

Commit (save) your changes

  1. Click on the Commit button in the toolbar

    Committing changes

  2. Check the boxes next to any files that you wish to include (checking Unstaged files will automatically move them all over) They will move from Unstaged files into Staged files

    Staging files

  3. Add a description (usually 55 characters or fewer) of your edits.

  4. Click Commit
  5. Click Push

    Pushing changes

  6. A modal will pop up, make sure origin is selected where it says Push to repository and select the branch you wish to push then click OK

    Selecting a branch to push to

  7. You should then see that your local and remote (origin) repos are synchronized.

    Local and origin branches synchronized on the same commit

Create a Pull Request (submit your changes to Patternfly)

  1. Go to Repository > Create Pull Request

    Creating a new pull request

  2. Ensure that the Submit Via remote field is set to origin and that the other two fields are set to master.

    Creating a new pull request

  3. Click Create Pull Request on Web. SourceTree will open a browser window on GitHub for you.

  4. Click Create a Pull Request, add a comment if relevant.

    Creating a new pull request

If you are comfortable with this process and want to work on multiple features simultaneously, Read the multiple branches guide here.