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PatternFly Next


When you install PatternFly Next, the package includes:

  • a single file for the entire compiled library: node_modules/@patternfly/patternfly-next/patternfly.css
  • individual files with each component compiled separately: node_modules/@patternfly/patternfly-next/<ComponentName>/styles.css
  • a single file for the entire library's source (SASS): node_modules/@patternfly/patternfly-next/patternfly.scss
  • individual files for each component's source (SASS): node_modules/@patternfly/patternfly-next/<ComponentName>/styles.scss

Any of the files above are meant for use in consuming the library. The recommended consumption approach will vary from project to project.


PatternFly Next Development requires Node v8.0.0 or greater

To setup the PatternFly Next development environment:

  • clone the project
  • run npm install from the project root
  • run npm run cli:setup (only needed if doing development)
  • run npm run dev
  • open your browser to http://localhost:8000

After working on your contribution, check for accessibility violations.

Create a new component

  • run pf generate component <name>

To view visit http://localhost:8000/components/

Create a new layout

  • run pf generate layout <name>

To view visit http://localhost:8000/layout/

Create a new utility

  • run pf generate utility <name>

To view visit http://localhost:8000/utilities/

Create a new demo

  • run pf generate demo <name>

To view visit http://localhost:8000/demos/

Testing for Accessibility

PatternFly uses aXe: The Accessibility Engine to check for accessibility violations. Our goal is to meet WCAG 2.0 AA requirements, as noted in our Accessibility Guide.

How to Perform an Accessibility Audit with aXe

aXe is available as either a browser extension or npm script.

To run the a11y audit locally:

  • install the latest chromedriver and ensure its available on your system $PATH
    • alternatively, macOS users can simply brew cask install chromedriver
  • run npm run dev
  • run npm run a11y (in another console)

The tool is configured to return WCAG 2.0 AA violations for the full page renderings of all components, layouts, utilities, and demos. The tool will provide feedback about what the violation is and a link to documentation about how to address the violation.

The same tool is also available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Fixing Violations

Ignore the violations that aren’t related to your contribution.

Fix violations related to your contribution.

If there are violations that are not obvious how to fix, then create an issue with information about the violation that was found. For example, some violations might require further discussion before they can be addressed. And some violations may not be valid and require changes to the workspace or tooling to stop flagging the violation.

If you have any suggestions about ways that we can improve how we use this tool, please let us know by opening an issue.


How do I use SCSS variables to customize the library?