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@redallen redallen released this Apr 15, 2019 · 227 commits to master since this release

3.1.3 (2019-04-15)



  • Nav: We removed the prop isSeparated from NavItem Component. To add a separator use the new Component <NavItemSeparator> (#1703)
  • Split, Stack: We replaced the prop isMain with isFilled in the SplitItem and StackItem Components. Apply the isFilled prop when you want the item to take up the horizontal space. (#1703)
  • Card: We removed the component prop that allowed the consumer to pass in what kind of element the header would be. The header is now a large Title (<h1> heading) by default. Remove the component prop. Remove the component prop (#1703)
  • Data List: DataList breaking changes (#1755)
    We updated DataListAction and removed the actions prop. The consumer should add a dropdown as a child of the component if the would like Dropdown for an action.
    We added a DataListItemCells component that has a dataListCells prop that takes an array of DataListCells. DataListCell should not be used directly. DataListCells should be passed as a prop in DataListItemCells in order to have the correct styling.
    We added a Component DataListItemRow that should Wrap all data list items that are in a row (DataListCells, DataListCheck, DataListAction or DataListToggle).


  • Table: Table.d.ts had a typo renamed the prop from transfrom to transform. Rename Table prop from transfrom to transform (#1664)


  • Wizard: Wizard breaking changes (#10)
    Remove footerRightAlign prop (#1661)
    Remove backgroundImageSrc prop (#1681)
    Remove lastStepButton prop (can instead of nextButtonText in the steps configuration)
    Remove any references to the footerRightAlign, backgroundImageSrc and lastStepButton props.

Checkbox Select

  • Checkbox Select: Fixes import issue with badge and is stable release of Checkbox Select.
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