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@redallen redallen released this Jun 5, 2019 · 80 commits to master since this release

3.34.2 (2019-06-05)

This release is part of PatternFly 4 - RC2 - it contains the following improvements/fixes:


  • About Modal: Provided a way to set the background using props (#1940)
  • Accordion: Added accordion component (#1511)
  • Background Image: Fixed background image spacing issue (#1923)
  • Card: Added card is-hoverable modifier prop (#1852)
  • Charts:
    • Introduced Donut utilization chart and thresholds (#2064)
    • Added example styles (#1889)
    • Fixed chart font stack to use PatternFly core sans-serif font stack (#1865)
    • Refactored themes for bar chart default colors (#2112)
    • Added default for component props (#2103)
    • TypeScript conversion (#2125)
  • Checkbox: Set checked value correctly(#1929)
  • Copy to Clipboard:
    • Fixed docs (#1821)
    • Changed doc text (#1823)
    • Removed textarea from clipboard copy (#1840)
  • Dropdown: Renamed toggle export (#1861)
  • Grid: Added missing props in d.ts (#1749)
  • Icons: Added font awesome brands icons(#1669)
  • Popover:
    • Updated Popover max width. We made maxWidth optional (#2110)
    • Enabled highlighting and selecting text in popover (#1757)
    • Handled on enter focusing when options are disabled (#2025)
    • Changed PopoverPosition from a const to an enum. This allows users to specify their choice of a string or object property for the position property value on Popover component. Also adds a test that exercises this method to ensure it doesn't regress going forward. (#2113)
  • Select:
    • Updated the SelectProps interface to avoid a type error when importing react-core into a TypeScript application. I also removed some unnecessary code in a couple of the demo's I followed recently. Copying the code as is was creating an error. I think they were safe deletions but worth double checking. (#2107)
    • Fixed ListGroupItem import (#1867)
    • Added user personalized icon in Select component (#1768)

TypeScript Conversions


  • Used frontmatter for what props to show in docs (#2072)
  • If you add new imports to your MDX file, rerun yarn develop which now clears the gatsby-mdx cache and lets you be on your merry way (#2059)
  • Hid inherited typescript props (#1866)
  • Used mxd for docs (#1753)
  • Reverted bodywrapper conversion to stateless-function (#2161)
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