Measurements and examples for @afronski talk titled "Functional Programming in Serverless World".
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Repository is a foundation for measurements that @afronski presented in the talk with the same title. He has performed it on the following conferences and meet-ups:


  • Package size.
  • Cold Start effect.
  • Latency distribution.
  • Memory usage test.


  • Haskell (AWS Lambda via Node.js shim).
  • F# (AWS Lambda, officially support by Serverless Framework).
  • Scala (AWS Lambda, officially support by Serverless Framework).
  • Clojure (AWS Lambda on JVM).
  • ClojureScript (AWS Lambda on Node.js).
  • BuckleScript (AWS Lambda on Node.js).
  • PureScript (AWS Lambda on Node.js).

All implementations above do exactly the same thing:

  • Expose two handlers - each behind the POST HTTP method (to avoid caching).
    • sieve - Naive implementation for Sieve of Eratosthenes.
      • It accepts single argument number provided via query string.
      • It prints out the log entry that points up to which number we generate prime numbers.
      • Each implementation is tail recursive.
      • It outputs that number as a result field in an outgoing JSON.
    • echo - Sends the same data as received in the JSON request in the JSON response.
      • Payload in, payload out - no additional logic, bootstrapping, and so on.
      • It should be as little problematic as possible, in order to measure only cold-start effect.

What about other cloud providers?

As you might noticed, this repository heavily relies on Serverless Framework - mostly because of convenience. For both Azure and Google Cloud Platform there are no templates (neither official, nor community ones) for languages like F#, Clojure, Scala etc.

Because of that, I have skipped that element for now. Sorry.