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📘 patternplate connects design and engineering to establish a single source of truth for your team.


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Documentation and development interface for component libraries


This is the contributor documentation for the patternplate mono-repository. For user docs see

  • Framework independent
  • Bring design docs to live with real components
  • Powerful search and meta data system

Contribute to patternplate

git clone
cd patternplate
yarn start

# start the local component library
yarn patternplate start

Publish a release

yarn clean
yarn test
yarn build
yarn run pack
yarn lerna publish 
yarn lerna run clean:dev # remove publishing bundles

Code of Conduct

We want to build an open and welcoming environment for everyone. That is why we expect from everyone to follow our Code of Conduct


Copyright by SinnerSchrader. All @patternplate packages are released under the MIT license.