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keszybz commented Feb 20, 2012

this is a patch floated on the git mailing list. Please consider adding it to your pool
of gitk patches.

gitk: make "git describe" output clickable, too
I noticed that automake's contribution guidelines suggest using
"git describe" output in commit logs to reference previous commits.
By contrast, in coreutils, I had acquired the habit of using a bare SHA1
prefix (8 hex digits), since gitk creates clickable links for that, and
not for "git describe" output.

I prefer the readability of the full "git describe" output, yet want to
retain the gitk links, so wrote the following that renders as clickable
not just SHA1-like strings, but also an SHA1-like string that is
prefixed by "-g".

Signed-off-by: Jim Meyering <>
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