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OpTcl: Provides COM and OLE support for Tcl and Tk

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OpTcl v3.0 build 10
PRE PRE ALPHA RELEASE (Friends and Family only)

What's New
Areas with Bug Fixes: Reference counting, Query Interfacing, (in/)out parameters; -with optimisation.

New Features: Can now call custom interfaces. Handles COM's record structures. Library browser has search and history facilities. OpTcl works with COM better than ever before! :-)

Ignore any references to LGPL. I hereby renounce this license for one which is in-line with the BSD license. Please read the enclosed license.txt for details.

This is a beta release so the docs aren't there yet ... I've included the old ones just for comparison. A lot of the previous functionality and syntax is identical. A few things however have changed dramatically.

To start things off try the following
package require optcl
tlview::viewlib .l

I welcome any comments, suggestions and bug reports. Enjoy!

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