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ShaderToy unofficial plugin.

WebExtension for Shadertoy to make users coding more conveniently.

Chrome extension

Firefox add-on

Microsoft Edge extension

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is available here


Please report bugs and request features here.

Please add issue with description before PR.


  • Fork any shader.

  • GPU render timers (EXT_disjoint_timer_query_webgl2).

  • Adjustable slider for full control of 'iTime' uniform and audio/video channels' time.

  • Save as new draft (for owned shaders).

  • Four sliders for simulating mouse position. This can be used to tweaking variables with iMouse.xyzw uniform.

  • Switchable dark color theme. (feature removed - implemented natively in Shadertoy)

  • Sorting shaders list by views, likes or comments on "My profile" page. (feature removed - implemented natively in Shadertoy)

  • Alternative shaders list on profile page. (chrome only)

  • Shaders previews on "My profile" page. (feature removed - implemented natively in Shadertoy. Big preview on mouse over is still available)

  • Change resolution in windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing keys ALT + 1...9.

    Resolution is divided by pressed key value, for example:

    Key '2' divides by 2, 1920x1080 becomes 960x540. Key '8' divides by 8, 1920x1080 becomes 240x135.

    This allows to run shaders smoothly (even in fullscreen) on non-top GPUs. Notice that lower resolution is interpolated to original size. This causes blurrish rendering. Notice, antialiasing is enabled by default on Shadertoy WebGL canvas. For "pixelated" image, rendering mode switch has been added in extension's popup (click on green S icon) (chrome only).

  • Take HQ screenshot. Screenshot resolution is 2 * current resolution (including current resolution divider). 1920x1080 becomes 3840x2160.

  • Pause/Restart in fullscreen mode.

  • Fullscreen edit mode.

  • Export shaders (single JSON or ZIP archive with JSON and readme.txt).

  • Import JSON.

  • Show links in description/comments even if not inserted with BBCode.

  • Show current canvas resolution on FPS hover (feature removed - implemented natively in Shadertoy)

  • Render call multiplier.

  • Loop in set time range (including video/audio channels).

  • Open recent - Quick access to recently viewed own shaders.

  • Shader preview (automatic generated image).

  • Code completion for glsl keywords in the code editor.

  • Color picker for any vec3 with r,g,b values in the code editor.



Setting iMouse.xyzw uniform:

Setting iTime uniform. You can set the start and end time range and toggle loop:

Alternative shader list on profile page

Displays your shaders, grouped by status, as a lists of images with title:

Info popup

Key bindings, render mode and alternate profile page switch:

Code editor

Color picker for any vec3 with r,g,b

Code completion for glsl keywords and code snippets

BBCode buttons to make writing comments easier

Author / Contact:

PatrykFalba (Patu)




Ethan Lowenthal

Render timing based on shadertoy_gpu_timing.user.js by Andrei Drexler

Beer? Sure.

If you find this extension useful, I'd love to hug a beer PayPal. 🍺

int totalBeers = 2;


Most recent changelog is here.