[WIP] enhance workflow when dealing with remote Windows environments
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[WIP] enhance workflow when dealing with remote Windows environments

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Invoke-Remote is basically a wrapper for Invoke-Command and other Boxstarter commands in addition to some useful mini-cmdlets that are useful for dealing with remote machines. You'll need Chocolatey and Boxstarter all set up to use all of Invoke-Remote's goodness! On the machine you are going to control, ensure to have PowerShell remoting enabled. (Enable-PSRemoting -Force)

If you are really lazy, you can use my boxstarter 'mini-config' script to setup your PC to allow PowerShell remoting:


There are a couple of parameters that are valid for all commands/scripts:

  • ComputerName - hostname or IP of remote machine
  • Session - use this session (forget about ComputerName or Credential)
  • Credential - use this credential for login
  • ConnectRetryCount - number of times to try a reconnect iff the connection fails
  • ConnectRetryDelay - delay in seconds between retry attempts

Command Invoke-Remote

Adds some spice to Invoke-Command

The result of Invoke-Remote is an object with following structure:

Member Type Description
commands_in object[] the input commands that were run
commands_out object[] the output of commands_in
scripts_in object[] the path of the scripts that were run
scripts_out object[] the output of the scripts in scripts_in

Command Install-ChocolateyRemote

Just a wrapper for Install-BoxstarterPackage that ensures you've got Boxstarter fired up.

Command Invoke-RemotePsake

Transfer and execute psake scripts.

  • scripts will be put in temporary folder on remote host

Command Send-Files

Transfer files to a remote host (recursive, folders also supported)


Open a PSSession that may be used for further remote calls (featuring retry count and delay) .

Sample Usage

You'll need to import the module first!

> Import-Module .\Invoke-Remote.psm1

sending two commands to a host called "some_hostname":

> Invoke-Remote "some_hostname" "Write-Host Hello World","Write-Host YAY from $(hostname)"

for the lazy sysadmins, there is also an 'ir' Alias :-)

> ir "some_hostname" "echo 'this is $(hostname)'"

sending files or folders to a remote host is really easy:

> Send-Files "some_hostname" ".\foo" "C:\foo" -Credential $(Get-Credential)

run a psake script on a host called "some_hostname":

> ir-psake "some_hostname" .\my_psake_script.ps1

run two tasks from a psake script on a host called "some_hostname":

> ir-psake "some_hostname" .\my_psake_script.ps1 -Tasks "Foo","Bar"


what you see currently is a very, very basic module that just provides some helper functions for remote operations.