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Strange name, yeah. It comes from QuizGen, which is impossible to pronounce. QuizGen: Quiz Generator. With this thing you can write programs that generate questions, put a lot of them together, and have them permuted in such a way that it is safe to have students take the quiz even if they can read each others exam.

I will admit (if you press hard enough) that this software not yet ready for prime time...

Ok, how do I use it?

You will need Opster (in the latest Ubuntu just type apt-get install python-opster or get it from here).

You have to write a "config file" for an exam:

assignatura = Fonaments d'Informàtica
especialitat = Grau Audiovisuals
temps = 10m
titol = Examen Part I

root = ../demo-questions
list = Divisio entera i modul.trst
       Expressio Booleana.trst

This file is included in the demo-questions directory as config

Then, from the distribution directory, you can run:

./ help genexam

To see the options or if you can't wait:

./ genexam -n 10 -s -v demo-questions/config exam

This will generate 10 exams (-n 10) using demo-questions/config, will show a black mark for the right answers (-s) and will pop Evince to show you the PDF (-v). Files will be written in the exam directory.

Some LaTeX classes are needed that are not included here, I will add them eventually.

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