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A simple GameBoy tile editor written in C using ncurses


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vtGBte (Very Tiny GameBoy Tile Editor)

A simple keyboard-controlled Game Boy tile editor for Unix systems written in C using ncurses library. (Everything besides plotting pixels is achieved by pressing keys)

Hope you'll find it useful.


First you'll need to clone the repo: $ git clone $ cd vtGBte

To build the project, run $ make in your terminal.

This will create binary file in the repo dir.

To install the program, simply run # make install

This will install the binary to the directory specified in the makefile (/usr/local/bin by default).

Expectably, to uninstall run # make uninstall

Before re-building always run $ make clean This will remove all object files in the repo dir. Also it'd be nice to have a script named, say, "" located in the repo dir and consisting of two lines.

Note that you'll need ncurses library located somwhere on your computer. And make. And install. And rm. And, if thruth to be told, a C compiler is required too. Why am I writing this.


Asset is always 256 tiles in size. vtGBte saves assets in raw binary format. This means that you only have to save your work to a file, named, say, 'sprites.bin', you will only need to include it in your assembly file, for example, that's how you do it in RGBDS:

incbin "sprites.bin"

You would likely do not use up the whole asset, so you can include only a part of file:

incbin "sprites.bin",0,32

In RGBDS, this will include only 32 bytes (2 tiles) starting at byte 0.



Drawing: Arrow keys to move the cursor, number keys (1..4) to select color, SPACE to plot a pixel, F to fill the whole tile with selected color.

r to redraw screen (similar to ^R in Nethack) - useful if your screen is ruined for any reason.

S to resize canvas (up to 32x32 size supported)

g - show guide

, and . keys to shift tile

< and > keys to toggle the color of the selected color number

c to copy, p to paste

s to save asset to file

l to load asset from file

h to open the help screen

q to quit


Be sure to make suggestions or contribute. You're welcome!


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