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@paul-db paul-db released this Feb 11, 2021

Longer Initial Timeout
(windows version only of solarmonitor.exe)

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@paul-db paul-db released this Feb 4, 2019

New version of the plugin attached (2019-02-14):
Unzip the this file and replace the existing solarmonitor.jar (in FireCapture plugins/x64/solarmonitor location) with the new version.
This version will also add seeing info to the FireCapture information file.
BugFix: Firecapture can now capture records when Plugin is not connected.

SolarMonitor connects to a Solar Seeing Scintillation Monitor and can be interfaced with Image Aquisition Software (currently FireCapture supported) to trigger aquisition when seeing conditions are good. There are Win10, Linux and Mac Versions.

Please read SolarMonitor.pdf for more info

This software is freeware and comes without any warranty

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@paul-db paul-db released this Jan 7, 2019

Pre Release for Windows

For connection to Firecapture : extract the file in the following directory:
"your Firecapture Install Dir"\plugins\x64 (for 64bit FireCapture)
"your Firecapture Install Dir"\plugins\x86 (for 32bit FireCapture)

For StandAlone: unzip the file on your system. The program is called SolarMonitor.exe and found in
"your install dir"\SolarMonitor\SolarMonitor

At first launch the progam will ask to open the FireWall for incoming traffic. Answer YES if connection with the FireCapture plugin is needed. (Plugin and program communicate over TCP port (default 50001))

Tested on W10 with FireCapture 2.6 (64bit)

*** No Warranty that this pre-release works with every system ***

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