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A log of my developing web-related skills
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A complete log of my web development skills, learning, resources, highlights, interests, and everything to do with my learning. It's a way to keep track, organise, and share my learning.

For my full portfolio, click here.

For my 100 Days of Code Log, click here


Skill 1
Pretty Good
HTML5 done done done done done
CSS3 done done done done done
JavaScript done done done done
ES6 done done done done
Website Building done done done done
Responsive design done done done done
Css Grid & Flex-box done done done
AJAX / fetch API done done done
React done done done
Git / GitHub done done done
SASS / SCSS done done done
Adobe XD done done done
jQuery done done done
WordPress done done
PHP done done
Bootstrap done done
Yarn done done
Webpack done
Babel done


Status Year Course Tutor
Completed Feb 2019 Udacity Git and Github Caroline Buckey
Completed Dec 2018 Modern Javascript From the Beginning Brad Traversy
Completed Nov 2018 Treehouse - Beginning Wordpress Treehouse
Completed Nov 2018 Treehouse - Beginning PHP Treehouse
Completed Nov 2018 Free Code Camp - Javascript Data Structures and Algorithms Quincy Larson
Completed Aug 2018 Free Code Camp - Responsive Web Design Quincy Larson
In Progress [Don't make me think - web usability] Steve Krug
In Progress The Complete React Web Developer Course Andrew Mead
In Progress Advanced CSS and Sass Jonas Schmedtmann
In Progress What the flexbox? Wes Bos
In Progress JavaScript30 Wes Bos
In Progress Read JavaScript & jQuery Jon Duckett
In Progress Read You Don't Know Javascript Kyle Simpson
In Progress Treehouse - Development for Wordpress Treehouse
Soon Learning how to learn Barbara Oakley


This section is going to contain links to projects I'm working on. The code for all these projects can be found on Github. They are hosted using Netlify.

Status Year Project Skills
In Progress 2019 Portfolio Redesign HTML5, CSS, Sass, Git / Github
In Progress 2019 devLearn JavaScript, Bootstrap
In Progress 2018 Claude's Restaurant Website HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

If you find this useful for your own needs you are welcome to fork a copy, customise it or even give it a star.

You can follow me on Twitter or get in touch


This has been inspired by Syk Houdeib and his Learning Tracker Repo. And of course by Alexander Kallaway's very motivational #100DaysOfCode challenge and the great and supportive community around it.

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