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JBehave Tutorials

Using jbehave-core and jbehave-web against pre-existing website

JBehave logo


Firstly, cd into etsy-stories-groovy-pico

This will run the build and (after a minute or so) Firefox will open and test the website:

mvn install 

This will run a single story (one contained in a etsy_cart.story file):

mvn install -DstoryFilter=etsy_cart

This will run a suite based on the meta filters in the three story files:

mvn install -Dmeta.filter="+color red"

This will run tests in parallel in SauceLabs' stack:

(use YOUR details from YOUR account)

mvn install -DSAUCE_USERNAME=your_sauce_id -DSAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=your_sauce_access_key

Viewing the results

In a directory etsy-stories/target/view, a page named 'navigator.html' has been generated. If you open that in Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer (but not Chrome), you can see the three stories that have run and their completion status.


See also the jbehave-web sister project for web extensions to JBehave, and jbehave-tutorial for a decent example of JBehave testing of a web application.


See LICENSE.txt in the source root (BSD).