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Running locally

First: Install hugo for yourself

Next: Clone this repo, and cd into the 'tbd' dir in question

Next: Launch Hugo, like so:

hugo server

Next: Take a look on localhost:1313

Then edit away ... Hugo hot-reloads pages.

Contribution rules

  1. Contribute if you have something to add to the site.
  2. Keep the message multi-level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  3. Understand that some people are diametrically opposed to this, and if you're to convince them at all, it will be very carefully.
  4. No inflamed language, please.
  5. Abide by the golden rule and generally write according to the 'High Esteem' value.
  6. Links to Blog entries, tweets (etc) should go in a collapsed refs section without forward links inline. Stick to chronological order, per section.
  7. Links to mainstream books, and Gartner-style reports, inline. Use affiliate codes that contribute to the original authors, if applicable.
  8. Avoid H1 tags (single hash/pound '#') as the hugo theme doesn't do the right thing with them
  9. Be careful with the dates in the front matter of the markdown sources. We're contriving them presently, as they guide <prev/next> article navigation
  10. Don't shorten to TBD beyond the single use we already have.
  11. Repo and Deps should be expanded to their long form

How to contribute?

Pull-Requests, of course, if you're not a committer.

English contributions (expansions of the material) to the master branch

Chinese translations to the cn branch. - should always reflect the English content, so we can use merge tracking keep the two in step.