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Drupal module that handles requests from in-world. (Second Life, OpenSimulator) Now a Drupal sandbox project:
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Metaverse brings Second Life and OpenSimulator to your drupal web site.

This software is woefully incomplete, and you should fix it. :-)

It is a very modularized module. (Say that three times fast.) It is glue that other modules use to get things done.

It has an IP whitelist system per grid, and allows you to turn off connections per grid. It's missing a lot of UI for this stuff, but you're smart.

It was written by Paul Mitchum, and is based heavily on the secondlife module by Khalid Baheyeldin. The parts that remain of Khalid's work are of course his own, and the parts that don't are copyright 2010 by Paul Mitchum.

This software is released under the GPL.
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