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A web framework for Dart

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bin feat(parser): Allow operator access to non-map, non-list objects
karma-parser-generator chore(dartanalyzer): run dartanalyzer before tests
karma-parser-getter-setter chore(dartanalyzer): run dartanalyzer before tests
lib feat(ngModel): support the input[type="search"] field
perf chore(analyzer): clean up analyzer warnings
playback_middleware fix(playback_middleware): use dart:convert (v0.8.7)
scripts chore( Use DART_SDK env var when available
test feat(ngModel): support the input[type="search"] field
.agignore chore(.agignore): add .agignore to prune command line searches
.gitignore chore(todo demo): Update the directory structure to be compatible wit…
.gitmodules chore(di): add dart-di as submodule
.travis.yml fix(sdk): Add support for Dart SDK 1.1 chore(release): v0.9.5 chore(docs): update from Angular.JS
LICENSE chore(pub): published v0.0.2 fix(doc): Using a consistent name for the library chore(analyze): correct spelling mistake
bugs.txt Basic compilation works, directive fails to run feat(travis): add travis support feat(travis): add travis support
karma-perf.conf.js chore(karma): clean up karma-conf
karma.conf.js chore(karma): clean up karma config file syntax. chore(run): analyzer && karma script
package.json feat(scripts): automatic way of generating changelog.MD feat(change-detection): Initial implementation of new change-detectio…
pubspec.lock chore(analyzer): clean up analyzer warnings
pubspec.yaml chore(deps): Depend on shadow_dom so we can use the polyfill
renderedText.dart chore(js): Add a library to generated_getter_setter_spec chore(jenkins): fix Jenkins docs(travis): Add a bit of colour to the travis instructions
webstorm-user-settings.jar Add webstorm settings

AngularDart Build Status

A port of Angular to Dart.


Follow the instructions on AngularDart's page on pub.

API Documentation

API documentation.

Learning more

Study the AngularDart Tutorial to learn more about Angular in Dart.

Joining the discussion

Discuss AngularDart on the mailing list, ask questions on StackOverflow, follow +Angular on Google+, and follow @AngularDart and @AngularJS on Twitter.

Filing bugs

Please file bugs and feature requests using the Github Issues Tracker.

I want to help

Excellent read up on contributing.

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