Multiplayer quiz game, but massive, urgent, and eternal.
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Old readme:


1930 is a multiplayer quiz game (similar to ConQUIZtador), but more massive, urgent, and eternal.

1930 screenshot

This is the prealpha version so I'm not running it yet on my web site.

Running it: the shortest version

You need Java and Python installed.

Build it:


Run the WebSocket server:

java -jar build/server/server.jar

Start the HTTP server:

cd build/client
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7777

On Unix systems run this to start everything for testing purposes:


Now go to localhost:7777.


You need:

  • Java installed to run the WebSockets game server.
  • Python to run the build scripts.
  • A HTTP server to serve the client files. This is optional, you can use Python instead.


The configuration file is config.json. You might want to change:

  • websocketAddress: Where you run the java websocket server. Leave to localhost for yourself.
  • websocketPort: The port for it.
  • copyHttpFilesTo: This is the location where your webserver will serve the files. If null, the files will be just in build/http-files.

Build the WebSocket server and construct the HTTP files. Run:


There are 3 HTTP files build modes:

  • separate (default): Include all the JavaScript files separately.
  • simple: Join the files into one and perform simple optimizations with Google Closure.
  • advanced: The same with advanced optimizations. Sadly this doesn't work now.

Data files


The map data is in data/map.json. This includes the SVG paths for the territories, their neighbors, names, etc.

I'll probably add other countries (real or otherwise) in the future.


I'm not sure if I can make my question data files public so I don't include them here. I will give them to you if you ask me privately.

The question files are data/four-answers and data/number-answers. They are in a simple text format and only contain two bogus questions there.


Start the WebSocket server:

java -jar build/server.jar

Check the HTTP server. If you don't have one running just use Python for testing. Run:

cd build/http-files
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7777

and then go to localhost:7777.