Neural networks face training experiments.
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Old readme:

Facetrain Experiments

My neural networks face training experiments homework for my Machine Learning course. This also includes the presentation.

Facetrain Experiments presentation cover


  • bin/ — where the C binaries are built
  • code/ — the C sources (from the CMU homework)
  • examples/ — examples for the project which are also used in the presentation
  • faces/ — the provided image faces (from the CMU homework)
  • lib/ — where the CoffeeScript files are built
  • presentation/ — the source of the presentation for the project
  • src/ — the CoffeeScript sources
  • tasks/ — the project requirements


Clone this repo:

git clone
cd facetrain

Install global dependencies:

npm install -g coffee-script

You also have to have gcc and python2.

Install the project requirements and compile the C and CoffeeScript files:



If you modify the CoffeeScript or C files rebuild them using:

yarn make

To run one of the examples:

coffee examples/scripts/


The presentation requires running all the provided examples:

yarn examples

This will take a lot of time.

Build the presentation:

yarn presentation

License (for my files)