Visualize local Git repos.
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Old readme:

Git Visualization

Visualize local Git repos. (Work in progress.)

Git Visualization


Install the dependencies:

npm install

Build it with intercessor in ./build:

npm run build

Construct your commits.csv. This is described in the next section.

Start it:

npm run start

See it at localhost:3000.

Construct commits.cvs

To use this you first have to install git-plot.

npm install git-plot -g

Then make a plot of your local Git usage. In this command I create the file for all my commits (--authorRegex 'Paul Nechifor') in the directory I store my projects (--searchDir /home/p/pro).

mkdir static
git-plot --searchDir /home/p/pro --authorRegex 'Paul Nechifor' -o static/commits.csv