Chrome extension for detecting and using semantic markup formats.
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Poshex (Plain Old Semantic HTML Extension) is an extension for Google Chrome which scans visited pages for semantic markup formats (Microdata, RDFa and microformats) and signals the presence by showing an icon in the address bar. This was my project for the Web Technologies course.

Poshex screenshot.

Like modern extensions, it is intended to be unobtrusive and lightweight. It only scans the page to detect the presence of each format and it only parses and converts the data when selected.

When selected it opens a new tab which shows:

  • the auto-formatted page source code with attributes specific to Microdata and RDFa being highlighted;
  • for each of the detected formats, the scanner specific data format;
  • RDF/XML conversion (for all);
  • Turtle conversion (for Microdata and RDFa);
  • CSV conversion for Microdata;
  • a graph for microformats;
  • a table view for Microdata.

All the text formats shown are syntax highlighted and can be saved locally.

The purpose of this extension is to give developers the possibility to visualize and inspect web pages with structured data.

You can read the full description in the associated paper.