A mini Hadoop cluster configuration in Vagrant.
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This repository has been moved to gitlab.com/paul-nechifor/vagrant-hadoop-cluster.

Old readme:

Vagrant Hadoop Cluster

A mini Hadoop cluster configuration in Vagrant with a variable number of slaves.

Vagrant Hadoop cluster

Set Up

In the project dir

By default, 3 slaves are used. Edit nSlaves in Vagrantfile to change it.

Bring up the machines:

vagrant up

Log into the master:

vagrant ssh master

In master

From master, you have to connect to all the VMs. Run this script which loops through all the SSH authentications. Exit every one. In this case, 3 represents the number of slaves used by default.

bash /vagrant/scripts/provision.sh ssh-checkin 3

Format the name node:

hadoop namenode -format

Start everything:


Check the web interface at


Test if everything is okay right by running a simple MapReduce task.

vagrant ssh master
cd /vagrant/examples/word-count
bash make.sh