Tactical Mecha Simulation Game using OGRE
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Defunct (update!)

5 years later I’m rewriting bits, updated to the newer OGRE engine and I’m going to be chipping away at it slowly.

Metal Crusade

Paul Szczepanek

This is a computer game – a tactical military mecha simulator. The game uses OGRE for rendering graphics and OIS for handling low-level input. It is currently being developed by me but I welcome anyone who would like to join in.

The game lets you pilot giant military robots (eponymous crusaders) with a third-person overhead view with stress put on tactics, both individual and group, and designing or customising your crusaders.

Project’s website at metalcrusade.com

Project Goals

The design doc is still being written but roughly:

  • pilot the crusader and command your squad on the ground level map
  • travel on a planet map and capture structures – involving global strategy and diplomacy, managing your gear and personnel
  • design, build and customise crusaders for you and your squad to use