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An adapter for using Amazon's S3 with DataMapper
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= DM-S3-Adapter

This is (or will be) a DataMapper Adapter for use with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3).

What works:

  • Authenticating (most) requests
  • Saving a model
  • Getting a single model


    DataMapper.setup(:default, :adapter => 's3' :aws_access_key => YOUR_KEY, :aws_secret_key => YOUR_SECRET_KEY, :aws_bucket => 'dm-s3-bucket')

    class Article include DataMapper::Resource

    property :id, UUID, :key => true, :default => lambda { ::UUID.random_create }
    property :title, String
    property :text,  Text


    a = => "test", :text => "test")

    a = Article.get(

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