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A Hierarchically-Labeled Portuguese Hate Speech Dataset
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The repo contains the data set for the paper titled "A Hierarchically Labeled Portuguese Hate Speech Dataset", accepted at ALW3 Workshop at ACL 2019 (Florence, Italy).

If you use this dataset please cite:

@inproceedings{fortuna2019, title={A Hierarchically-Labeled Portuguese Hate Speech Dataset}, author={Fortuna, Paula, João Rocha da Silva, Juan Soler-Company, Leo Wanner and Sérgio Nunes}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Abusive Language Online (ALW3)}, year={2019} }

Every attempt has been taken to protect the identity of the Twitter users in the dataset by modifying it appropriately. The dataset is strictly for research purposes and any attempt to violate the privacy of the Twitter users mentioned knowingly or unknowingly will not be liable to the authors of the paper or repository.

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