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You have 2 methods for creating a template object:

swig.fromString("Template string here");

Swig can be configured using the following:

    autoescape: true,   // Automatically escape all variable output. (Recommended true)
    encoding: 'utf8',   // Encoding for template files.
    root: '/views',     // The root directory to search for templates.
    filters: {},        // Optional custom filters.
    tags: {},           // Optional custom tags.
    allowErrors: false  // If true, allows errors to be thrown when parsing and rendering.

Both of them will give you a template object on which you call the render method passing it a map of context values.

var tmpl = swig.fromFile("path/to/template/file.html");
var renderedHtml = tmpl.render({ vars: 'to be inserted in template' });
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