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First, please do contribute! As the maintainer of swig, I care very much for the template engine. However, my time is actually quite limited. No guarantees can be made that your pull request will be accepted. If you are thinking about adding something controversial, open an Issue and discuss it.


  • On first cloning the repo, run make from your command line to ensure all dependencies are met
  • Make your changes in a separate branch than master. It'll be easier for you to manage.
  • Write unit tests!
  • Run unit tests! There's a shortcut from your command line: make test.
  • Run lint! make lint
  • Send a pull request and explain your changes and why they are necessary.

No contributions will be accepted that do not pass all tests or throw any linter errors.

The swig codebase is highly tested and linted, as a way to guarantee functionality and keep all code written in a particular style for readability.

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