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Support Nested Blocks #64

DrMartiner opened this Issue · 16 comments

Swig currently throws an error when attempting to nest blocks.

{% block foo %}
   {% block bar %}
   {% endblock %}
{% endblock %}

This is a powerful feature that it should support.


swig currently doesn't have the ability to do nested blocks. A major rewrite of the compiled output is necessary before this can happen.

I've re-worded this issue slightly.



I would love to see this, blocks aren't that usable if you can't nest them.




Thanks for the support everyone. I've already begun work on this. Please understand that saying +1 doesn't give me more time in my day :) Although... I do wish it did...


Thanks for your work, looking forward to see this implemented :)


+time OR time++ ?
+1 for now ;)


time++ is frowned upon. How about time += 1


This would indeed be very useful :)


any news?


Sorry everyone, busy with work, moving, and life. I haven't had time to prioritize open source work lately.

@jbergstroem jbergstroem referenced this issue in mozilla/nunjucks

Different between swig #83


We are happy over here with nunjucks that supports this, and much more :)


jlongster, had I found about your project from other sources, I would probably look into it and even migrate. On the other hand, you decided to promote yourself on another project's page and I just consider that to be bad taste.

paularmstrong, I understand that work+life and all makes OSS development become a p2 thing. I hope you manage to find some extra time (or that someone with more time than you and I does). Keep up the good work and thanks for the project.

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