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Web interface not working with Redis authentication #126

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Christian Felder Sebastian Korfmann
Christian Felder

Sinatra throws a Redis::CommandError, ERR operation not permitted when connecting to a redis instance that requires authentication. The issue is documented here:

As far as I can tell the problem occurs in fnordmetric/web/app.rb#initialize. One can work around it by explicitely passing the :redis_url for the web interface. This is a bit cumbersome. In my opinion it should just use FnordMetric.options instead. => fnord_settings['port'], :redis_url => redis_url)
Sebastian Korfmann

Yep, not sure why App#initialize calls Fnordmetric.default_options instead of just Fnordmetric.options. Makes no sense to me. I've sent a pull request to change it: #128

Gennadiy Filatov kainwinterheart referenced this issue from a commit in kainwinterheart/fnordmetric
Sebastian Korfmann skorfmann Use options instead default_options.
Fnordmetric.default_options doesn't respect options set by the user
via Fnordmetric.options = {some: 'option'}.

This should solve paulasmuth#126
Benjamin Fleischer bf4 referenced this issue in gemhome/fnordmetric

Web interface not working with Redis authentication #41

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